Here you find a status of latest updates on Autosteigers.nl
Most of them will work instantly.

2018-05-24: https, GDPR complience and better ad implementation

  • Moved to https
  • Removed ip tracking
  • Google Ads if no active campaigns

2018-03-08: Minor bugs resolved and Google Ads

  • Js errors after browser updates
  • Duplicate loading of facilities
  • Started with Google Ads, we gotta make some money

2017-02-01: Upgraded hosting

  • No technical changes, but upgraded hosting

2015-01-08: Campaign tracking and reporting

  • Improved tracking on campaigns and banners
  • Updated framework

2014-12-10: Major update, multilanguage, caching

  • Core updates, a lot going in the background
  • better way of serving new styling and javascript version
  • merged css files
  • merged js files
  • optimize css for use over different browsers
  • language files added for german support
  • nicer friendly urls on images
  • slideshow on images in scaffolds
  • multilanguage frontend
  • subscribe to newlsletter
  • no need ti force update of cachefiles anymore

2014-01-05: Statistics and insights, advertisements improved

  • show statistics for the advertisements, clicks vs views
  • added key on advertisments for specific logging
  • faster loading advertisements on pages

2014-01-03: Updated bootstrap and core updates

  • Updated bootstrap to latest version
  • error reporting for production set correctly
  • updated copyright
  • added possibility to disable cache completely
  • fixed setting url's which makes it easier to place urls
  • backend fixed

2013-10-15: Core update

  • js/css minify update
  • js mouseout added as event listener
  • allow logging on downloadable files

2013-09-14: Performance fixes and caching

  • added fullpage caching
  • added minify js/css with cache
  • fixed some minor issues regarding performance

2013-06-30: Select rivers for a specific country

  • select a country where the river goes thru
    • select country on homepage
    • allow copying the link
  • minor core optimalizations
    • faster url rewrites
    • disabled rightclick triggert click action

2013-06-24: Admin interface updates

  • fixed moving facilities
  • core udpates
    • better setters and getters for url parameters
    • allow appending data on models
    • fast way to check for children in structured objects

2013-05-10: Addthis now show smaller icons

  • Addthis now shows smaller icons

2013-04-25: Banner limited

  • banners are now only shown once at a time
  • banner limit is configurable
  • styling on homepage optimized

2013-03-21: Added Google Maps page

  • released Google Maps page which show all scaffolds
  • core fixes for SEO friendly URL's
  • hide inactive river banner on homepage

2013-02-17: Fixed header when scrolling

  • due minor differences in rendering pages between browsers the fixed header could behave a little strange
  • minor styling

2013-02-12: Social, switching and templating

  • share facilities with Addthis
  • share pages with Addthis
  • fast switching of rivers with a dropdown in the header
  • directions link added on scaffold facility
  • banners are rotated randomly
  • some minor style tweaks
    • homepage
    • rivers
    • facilities

2013-01-23: Navigation, feedback and legend

  • links in the river to other pages
  • feedback links below pictures in facilities
  • homepage drop shadows now stay fixed on mouseover
  • styled close button, disabled endless rotating
  • re-colored links in footer
  • back to top link added
  • border around pictures in correct color
  • double checked blue in site, it should be the same everywhere
  • fixed headers and banners to page on scroll
  • changed move up and down thru scaffolds
  • added favicon

2012-12-28: Changed domain, javascript error and pictures fixed

  • site working on mobile device
  • redirect www.autosteigers.nl -> autosteigers.nl
  • pictures fixed in pop-up frame, within border
  • changed encoding
  • show addresses for scaffolds
  • Internet Explorer 8 throws an error
  • changed header color and font size

2012-12-14: Fixed homepage, added back button and Google Analytics

  • added "this site is made possible..."
  • added minimal rivers
  • added Google Analytics code
  • styling tweaks; color's, sizes
  • pop-up border
  • back button added

2012-12-01: Website launched

  • launched brand new website
  • cms
    • manage pages
    • manage rivers
    • manage facilities
    • manage files
    • add facilities to river
  • homepage
    • small rivers
    • banners
    • title website
    • footers
  • rivers
    • scaffolds
    • facilities
    • footers
    • header
    • alternative names